table extension

Extending the Ikea Norden kitchen table in Buttery kitchen.

The dining table in The Buttery can be extended to accomodate up to 18 people.

Seating up to 10 people: Extending and reducing the table.

Seating 14 people: use the two custom table extender ends (the two large panels) which are stored under stairs.
  • Move seats back to make space.
  • Unclip the two leaf-retainers on underside of Ikea Norden table leaves and pull them fully apart.
  • The Ikea middle leaf should be stowed sideways below the main leaves.
  • Drop each custom extender leaf into position (2 people required to carefully manoever leaf).
  • Push the two leaves together.

dining table configured to seat 14

Seating 18 people: use the three custom table extenders (the two large end panels plus the smaller mid panel) which are stored under stairs. 
dining table configured to seat 18

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