rubbish and recycling

Collections in Mortehoe are Tuesdays and Thursdays. On evening before collection please put relevant containers at front of house. Black wheelie bin should be wheeled down the rear path and up street to front of house. If there are too many black binliners to fit into wheelie bin please place this on top of wheelie bin if possible - this reduces the chance of the jackdaws or foxes scavenging. Many thanks for your cooperation.


What goes in


Black recycling box

Glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles (milk, shampoo, juice and so on), food tins, drink cans, aluminium foil, aerosol cans

Please ensure all bottles, tins and cans are rinsed. Please also squash your plastic bottles and tin cans where possible. Plastic food containers and Tetrapaks need to go in black bags.

every Tuesday morning

Green kerbiside caddy

All food waste - cooked or raw. Including bones, shells, etcetera. You can line the small green kitchen caddy with a biodegradeable bag (or newspaper if necessary), then put full bags tied up into the large green kerbside caddy.

every Tuesday morning

Brown bag

Flattened cardboard

cereal boxes and other cardboard food packaging

toothpaste boxes

toilet roll and kitchen roll cores

cardboard egg boxes

card sleeves (from food trays)

every Tuesday morning

Green bag

Newspapers, paper,  envelopes, magazines, catalogues, telephone books, clean old clothes, shoes (in pairs), handbags, belts, junk mail (no plastics)

every Tuesday morning

Black bags/bins

All non-recyclable/landfill waste should go in black bin liner in steel bin in kitchen. When bin liner is full tie it up and put it in black wheelie bin at bottom of concrete steps at back of house.

Vacuum cleaner contents, TetraPaks, nappies, polystyrene, plastic food wrappers, cling film, crisp packets. Food waste can go into your black bin but please use green caddy instead if possible. Calendar:

every alternate Thursday morning

More info on rubbish, waste and recycling from North Devon Council:

20 Sept 2012, 05:10