Information on this page is for guidance only. Please verify before relying on it. If any of the information on this page is wrong or unclear please let Dominic know. THANKS!
Charges apply from 08:00 until 18:00 ... outside of these hours there are no parking fees/controls in Mortehoe car park.

For multi-day parking see 'North Devon Council parking permits' and 'RingGo' below.

buttery  If renting The Buttery: you can park 1 car right outside in the free private parking space.
cromlech  If renting Cromlech House: you can park 1 car right outside in the free private parking space.
crescent  If renting The Crescent (both houses): you can park 2 cars right outside in the free private parking spaces.

Additional cars can use Mortehoe's convenient and cheap public car park. Instead of repeatedly buying 24-hour tickets from machine it may be cheaper and more convenient (especially in Summer) to get 4 day or 7 day permits.

The car park is always open and almost always has plenty of spaces. Council info on this car park is here.

In car park be sure to park with wheels within marked lines.  There are no specific size restrictions for parking at car park except that vehicles must be parked within marked bays. Marked bays are slightly larger on the tarmac area of carpark than on the grassed area, so if you have a large vehicle e.g. van/camper best to try to find a space in tarmac area if possible.

You can pay for parking via RingGo (no need to display any ticket), or with coins at ticket machine, or by getting a multi-day permit from North Devon Council (no need to display any ticket) or from Mortehoe Museum (if open).

Do not use the car park of the Chichester Arms pub. This is a private car park for use by pub customers while they are actually in the pub. The Chich is a great place and our guests make very good use of the pub, but parking in their car park is not acceptable.

Vehicle types: there is one parking tariff in Mortehoe: 'car'. This applies via machine or via RingGo. But a minibus or a van (under 3.5 tons) parked wholly within a marked bay can park as if it were a car. If paying by ringgo, select the 'car' vehicle type even if your vehicle is a van or minibus. (Source of this info: correspondence ref 101000568175 10/09/2015). You can use any bay that your vehicle fits into, but the larger bays are in the upper part of the car park.

Motorcycles: if there is insufficient space in the motorcycle bay for your motorbike you can park it in a car bay but you wuld then need to pay as if parking a car.

Mortehoe public car park.

The Buttery / Cromlech House / The Crescent.

North Devon Council parking permits


August 2020 update: North Devon Council has recently changed the parking permit system. 7 day permits  (7x24 hours) now need to start at midnight rather than at specifiable time. (Yes we are lobbying for a.change to this scheme).

4 and 7 day season tickets
see up to date info here.
4 day (£12.10) and 7 day (£20.80) season tickets for Long Stay car parks (includes Mortehoe) entitle the holder to park in any of the long stay car parks listed below

  • Bickington (Barnstaple)
  • Bicton Street (Barnstaple)
  • Bottom Meadow (Lynton)
  • Brookdale (Ilfracombe)
  • Central (South Molton)
  • Congrams Close (Barnstaple)
  • Cross Street (Lynton)
  • Croyde
  • Esplanade (Lynmouth)
  • Fremington
  • Hele (Ilfracombe)
  • Hillsborough (Ilfracombe)
  • Larkstone Lane (Ilfracombe)
  • Lower Lyndale (Lynmouth)
  • Lower Pilton (Barnstaple)
  • Marine Drive (Ilfracombe)
  • Mortehoe
  • Oxford Grove (Ilfracombe)
  • Portmarsh Lane (Barnstaple)
  • Seven Brethren (Barnstaple)
  • Sheep Pen (South Molton) 4 or 7 day permits
  • Tarka Tennis Centre (Barnstaple)
  • Upper Lyndale (Lynmouth)
  • Valley Of Rocks (Lynton)
  • Watersmeet (Lynmouth)

Rover tickets (£42/week) allow parking in all North Devon Council car parks including short stay car parks.

When you are signed in at the council's PaySmarti page you can make a permit application ... choose permit category 'Season Tickets', then permit type e.g. 'Long Stay Season Ticket'
You will need your car registration number and you'll need to answer these questions:
  • Does your car fit into a Standard Parking Bay? (2.4m x 4.8m)
  • Is your vehicle less than 3500kg unladen?
  • What is the fuel type of the first vehicle?
  • Are you a blue badge holder?
NB a 7 day permit starting at midnight could e.g. cover the entirety of Friday to Thursday or Saturday to Friday.

£20.80 seven-day North Devon Council permits are cheaper than £30.80 seven-day RingGo parking (Aug 2020). Council parking permits start at midnight whereas RingGo allows specifiable start time.
A couple of sample scenarios:
  • If you are in Mortehoe for 7 nights but arriving or leaving outside of controlled parking hours, then the council permit works perfectly. e.g. arriving Friday 18:00 and leaving Mortehoe the following Friday at luchtime: council 7 day permit Saturday to Friday would cover it because you arrived on Friday outside of controlled hours.
  • If you are in Mortehoe for 7 nights. e.g. arriving Friday 13:00 and leaving the following Friday 10:00: get council 7 day permit Friday to Thursday then on day of departure if you need parking 08:00-10:00 pay at machine or use RingGo..



You can book RingGo parking in advance or after you have parked. Mortehoe car park is location 3638.
RingGo parking for Mortehoe car park is not valid in other car parks, i.e.. they are not 'rover' permits.
7 days' parking with RingGo costs £30.80 (Aug 2020).
You can buy parking by the hour, or for 1 or more daysRingGo parking prices are approximately the same as paying the meter, though there is a 20p surcharge per transaction. You will need to specify the car registration number and make and colour. If for some reason the RingGo system is not accessible to you after you park, you will have to use the ticket machine for a daily ticket.So it is best to purchase in advance to avoid relying on phone/data signal. Get your RingGo permit via any of the following methods:
  • Web
  • App for Android or iPhone
  • Text/SMS.
  • Phone 01271-823825 or 020-30460010. You can always call RingGo on 020 3046 0010 to purchase a parking session regardless of whether you are calling from a landline or mobile. If you do call RingGo from a landline, the automated telephone system will ask you to enter your mobile number (if you have never used RingGo before you can pre-register at At this point you need to enter your RingGo-registered mobile number and associated PIN in order to Fast-Track you. If you do not have a mobile number registered with RingGo, you can enter the landline number you are calling from and the system will then continue as normal asking for your details such as vehicle registration, location code and payment card information, in order to park you.

Ticket machine in Mortehoe car park.

Pay at machine with coins or mobile phone / credit card.

Summer: 15 March to 31 October
Period        Charge (including VAT)
1 hour        £1.00
all day       £3.50
Winter: 1 November to 14 March
Period        Charge (including VAT)
2 hours      60p
all day        £1.60

Woolacombe Esplanade parking

Great for parking if you don't fancy the walk to Woolacombe / Barricane / Combesgate beaches.
1 Oct - 31 March FREE.
or pay at machine 08:00-21:00 weekends and bank holidays 1 Apr - 31 May and 08:00-21:00 every day 1 Jun - 30 Sept.

Disabled parking
There are two disabled bays in Mortehoe car park. The disabled bays are extra wide, but there are no fee concessions for disabled users.
On street parking is dealt with by Devon County Council. See their Blue badge information.