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the buttery

cromlech house

the crescent

list of upcoming bookings

If you have made a booking, your dates and initials are listed below. The purpose of this list is to show that your holiday is not double booked, while keeping your name confidential.

property guest nights arriving leaving
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryAB4Monday 14/09/2020Friday 18/09/2020
Cromlech House bookingCromlech HouseJJ3Tuesday 15/09/2020Friday 18/09/2020
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentGB7Friday 18/09/2020Friday 25/09/2020
Cromlech House bookingCromlech HouseDS7Friday 25/09/2020Friday 02/10/2020
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryTH3Friday 25/09/2020Monday 28/09/2020
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryNS4Monday 28/09/2020Friday 02/10/2020
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryCD3Friday 02/10/2020Monday 05/10/2020
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentRD3Friday 09/10/2020Monday 12/10/2020
The Buttery bookingThe ButterySB3Friday 16/10/2020Monday 19/10/2020
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentKP7Friday 23/10/2020Friday 30/10/2020
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryCW7Tuesday 22/12/2020Tuesday 29/12/2020
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentDL5Tuesday 29/12/2020Sunday 03/01/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentLS7Tuesday 19/01/2021Tuesday 26/01/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentNP3Friday 19/03/2021Monday 22/03/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentJH7Friday 02/04/2021Friday 09/04/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentKP3Friday 30/04/2021Monday 03/05/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentAL7Friday 14/05/2021Friday 21/05/2021
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryHL7Friday 28/05/2021Friday 04/06/2021
Cromlech House bookingCromlech HouseJX7Friday 11/06/2021Friday 18/06/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentLP7Friday 23/07/2021Friday 30/07/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentJB7Friday 30/07/2021Friday 06/08/2021
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryJW7Friday 06/08/2021Friday 13/08/2021
The Buttery bookingThe ButteryAA7Friday 13/08/2021Friday 20/08/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentSB7Friday 20/08/2021Friday 27/08/2021
The Crescent bookingThe CrescentNT4Friday 10/09/2021Tuesday 14/09/2021